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A Christmas Don't for your Christmas Do

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A Christmas Don't for your Christmas Do

With the Christmas period upon us, few people’s workplace can be described as calm. Everybody is frantically trying to clear the decks of meetings, outstanding tasks, attend all of the office Christmas parties and sort themselves as best as possible before a well-earned break.

It is precisely because of this frenetic pace that Christmas is such a perfect time for cyber criminals to strike and spoil the party. This is why staff should be ever more vigilant to prevent criminal attempts to cash in on your goodwill over the festive period.

An easy example – remind all staff to properly secure their laptops – which will surely accompany people on their travels to and from family over Christmas. It might seem like a terribly dated idea to worry about the loss of a laptop, and that data breaches are things done by hackers at large scale these days. Yet only very recently laptop brand Lenovo suffered their own data breach due to an employee based in Singapore losing a staff laptop which, worryingly, included staff payroll data for the Asia-Pacific region that was unencrypted. Staff at Lenovo have been warned to look out for unusual activity against their accounts, hardly what anybody needs over Christmas.

While there remains no evidence yet of the data being exploited, it remains a worry that when a major brand like Lenovo can suffer such a breach via such basic error then so can your business. With this in mind, it is best to remind all staff using mobile devices to ensure the following basic protocols are adhered to:

1. Make sure that any sensitive files (like payroll) are separately encrypted
2. Make sure that all laptops have separate user and admin accounts
3. Have an encryption layer such as BitLocker in place

While no security measure is perfect, having the right encryption layers in place for sensitive files will go a long way to making sure you don’t gift your company’s valuable data to cyber criminals this Christmas.

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