ReSolve Cyber plays defender for the SPFL - Cyber Site

ReSolve Cyber plays defender for the SPFL

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ReSolve Cyber plays defender for the SPFL

When 11 players take the field for 90 mins, every player needs to understand their role and how they assist in attack and defence situations. When it comes to defending against cyber attacks, security is a team game. In business, the executive board, IT staff and work force should all understand the threats and risks they face from cyber crime and cyber attack.

The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) is the leading sporting competition in Scotland, covering the top 42 football teams in the country. Many professional sports clubs are constantly being targeted by cyber criminals. ReSolve Cyber has proudly delivered highly engaging and informative cyber security training and assessments to the SPFL and their professional clubs.

We are skilled and experienced in delivering cyber security services for the professional sports industry, businesses of all sizes and private individuals. Please contact us to help reduce your risk from the cyber threat.

'ReSolve Cyber came highly recommended to us. We have been impressed with their experience, practical approach and jargon-free advice. They have given us a far better understanding of the problem and risks and have worked with our Board, staff and member clubs to improve our resilience to cyber attack.'

Neil Doncaster - CEO Scottish Professional Football League

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