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Jas Mahrra

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Jas Mahrra, Head of Operations

Jas is our operational lead in risk and resilience.

Before joining ReSolve Cyber, Jas was both Head of Operations and published Senior Research Fellow, at a not for profit organisation based at University College London focusing on security, resilience and strategy.

Prior to her work at the not for profit organisation she launched and ran a successful consultancy business for six years in the emerging market for resilience, delivering a range of services to local Government, transnational corporations, major financial institutions and UK Government.

Jas has key expertise in strategy-making, resilience, cyber security, crisis management communications and testing (Inter)National Government and business operational planning and business continuity for a range of eventualities.

Jas gained experience in resilience as one of the leaders of the UK Government’s only dedicated testing unit, delivering a co-ordinated programme of events across Government on ways to enhance resilience and preparedness.